Multichannel solutions

Multichannel solutions

Maximizing the reach and impact of the tactical outputs from a communications plan are essential. We would propose using multichannel delivery methods that might be disseminated simultaneously or in a co-ordinated approach to achieve this aim.

As expert clinicians, prescribers, patients and payers have limited time, and as they have access to a huge variety of different media, it is crucial to consider disseminating information via as many media channels as possible. The aim being to reach as many of the target audience as possible, as quickly as possible, and with consistent information that is supported by the evidence.

Core services:

  • Virtual meetings
  • Interactive meeting Apps
  • Augmented reality posters
  • Interactive HCP and patient communication
  • Content delivery solutions and websites
  • Mode of action illustration
  • Slide kits, animations and videos
  • Webcast and meeting proceedings
  • Disease state and product-specific education
  • Internal training modules
  • Virtual case studies and patient profiles
  • Interactive case studies and white papers
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