Multichannel solutions

Multichannel solutions

In an ever changing landscape, we understand how important it is to be able to make use of appropriate technologies and communication channels to best reach the different audiences we interact with every day.

Our formal collaboration with Big Brand Ideas means that we can offer our clients the highest quality scientific insights as well as a strong relationship with a large and experienced digital agency.

This will enable us to provide a seamless service without the complexity of managing multiple vendors – giving our customers the best of both worlds.

Working together we can harness technologies such as AR, VR touchscreen, apps and intelligent meeting software – to deliver impactful communications across any channel… from publications to congresses, social media to apps and websites.

We are focusing on bringing metrics to life for clients in a way that has never been possible before – giving genuine and meaningful feedback across all of our work, and shaping future communications to maximise impact.

You can talk to us any time, even if you just have an idea that needs to come to life…

Multichannel SolutionsCore services:

  • Interactive meeting solutions
  • Digital posters
  • Interactive HCP and patient communication
  • Content delivery solutions and websites
  • Mode of action illustrations
  • Slide kits, animations and videos
  • Virtual meetings
  • Disease state and product-specific education
  • Training materials and interactives
  • Interactive case studies and white papers
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Virtual Meeting Capabilities

View a short video documenting some of the work we apply to ensuring a smooth and successful virtual meeting.

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